the willies...

so this piece is for a "heaven and hell" project. like always i found a cool article about how country music is turning rock to stay popular. its sad times when hank williams cant do it for you anymore. so the obvious illustration solution for me was to paint willie nelson dressed up as gene simmons. this was so much fun to do.
its all acrylic silk screened and painted by hand blah blah blah.


think thin

this was for a book titled "the desperate womans guide to diet and exercise". the idea is that a desperate woman is going to go to any means necessary to get thin - thus is tying herself up nice and tight.



new project

This is pretty fun - basically the project was to illustrate the palindrome "stressed desserts". I was told to find a secondary source of information to give the work some depth. I found this great article about how men lose their sex drive with age. Seems pretty self-explanatory from that point. In crit it was pointed out that it would be cool if the candle had a slight curve. Would have been cool - but I think this still totally stands up. Pun intended


another new post

This isn’t finished - but it’s basically a piece on equipping children with the tools to defend themselves. The part (likely most important) that isn’t finished is the little bubble wand she's blowing into to create the monster of a bubble. Im having a problem choosing the colour. ill likely let it sit for a while and come back at it soon with fresh perspective.
more things to come .



this is a book cover illustration for the "how to" book - "the way to make wine". get it?? huh huh


big drip

this piece is for an editorial about the negative effects of bottled water consumption (pretty long story) and the final took a while to get to. i felt at first i had clearer solutions but this is the one the art director (rick) ended up going with - this is the first final ive made for rick sealock and he's a challenging guy - but really cool and im sure i'll make better images as a result of him.
its acrylic and silkscreen.



so these are super fast turn around postcards about a trip we took. it would have been nice to work traditionally - but time wasnt on my side - im guessing there will be alot of new work up soon - oh - and these are sorta low res jpegs - but they give the idea i want - from sober and traveling to wild and drunk.
exciting times


environment and learning

this illustration is about how plants and trees and what not help kids learn
or something to that effect


one of 3

which means there's 2 more to come - these are REALLY fast turn around postcards that illustrate the secret written on them. obviously. 2 more to come


new year...

so we're back at school and im sure that most of you are well settled in. this is my first project now that i am back this is the first painting ive really done this year so im glad to be back into the swing of things.
i think i hate not taking steps with every bit of new work that i do, so with that in mind i was heading in some new directions - maybe for a bit, or maybe just one project ...we'll see.
anyway - this was for a project regarding a recipe for something. mine was for excitement...but then i crossed that out and decided it was for trouble.
dad, thoughts?


extra credit (running out of punns)

this was for an article about consumerism that followed 9/11. - the basic idea was that the magnetic stripe of a credit card was replaced with a tower - then i doubled it. thanks to devon for the articles. the whole thing was done super fast - ive been pushing my process to see if its realistic - but from start to finish this was only a few hours and has a neat - "created on wood" look - although it so wasnt .