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heres one of the spots that went with a different article, but same series as the piece below. ...weird sentence. anyway - this went with a main that focused on leadership and another spot - i'll try to post those up with this soon, as well as the spot that went with the MBA article bellow.
heres the pull quote that went with this
"The classroom has become a laboratory where students are getting the experience they need."
I wanted to make this piece simple, and im tinkering with burning screens when im a little low on time. so, theres really no hand painting with this one at all - but i do really like it.
blah blah blah - im going to go enjoy the holidays!
I'll be painting a new promo that i'll post in the beginning of january , so - come back in the new year!
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process PETEcess *now with final*

fans of james jean will roll their eyes at that little gem of a title. anyway, im working on a multi-image article right now, but i wanted to post it on here from roughs to final - at least on of the images - so here goes - this is for an article about career advancement with a MBA (among other things) its a cool article. anyway, here are the roughs i submitted (just two). the first is playing with the idea of a relay race and the baton is replaced with a degree. this was the idea i liked best - but wasnt chosen - i just liked the idea that like in a relay you cant advance without finishing certain parts first.
heres the image

heres the image they went for

So heres the "final rough", photocopied about 10 times. Photocopying is a crucial aspect of how i paint. this would have been sent and approved the same day as the rough rough.

heres the final, it was done about a day or so after the final rough, but i didnt scan it in until the others in the series were finished - maybe i'll post those soon - anyway - here it is! I like how it turned out, but i'd love any feedback any y'all gots fo me.


...i cant think of a cool punny title for this one

this is a quick little turn around piece. the article was about reading, both how reading saves you money (in the sense that books are cheap) but also how it can save you money (you read about tips to spend better, handle your money better, and work with your finances). I then decided (after alot of ideas that didnt work or were cliche (book as piggy bank etc.) that it would be cool if the book also doubled as a cash register, as they handle alot of money, are a good symbol for money and transaction etc. cool job, and pretty fast from rough to final.
alot more soon.
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this sucks ;)

This piece was for an article about bureaucracy and small business. How hard work will yield results, but theres alot of red tape and hoops to jump through before you'll receive your desired outcome.
this was a neat project and i liked the solution idea alot. and man, those lines were a joy to paint...
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this is a spot, recently finished, its going with a main about global warmings effect on the wine industry. this spot specifically about the relationship of water w/ wine production. the AD wanted lots of white space for this, but other than that was super flexible - great article, awesome AD