golf of mexico

New piece for Golf World, about score leaders choking in the last stretch because they choke under the pressure - the scoreboard starts creeping into mind, and it becomes a mental barrier. roughs:



new cover for Miami New Times, about police set ups, where essentially cops get a house, have criminals break in, and then the cops shoot them all once they're inside. Most of my roughs played with showing cops, and the situation, but the one that was picked had a feeling of a panther about to pounce - seemed appropriate. subbed some house windows for the eyes, and bobs your uncle.

Some roughs below:


Back in the saddle

Sorry Ive been away from my blog for so long, dear reader. The truth is, things have been so hectic around here I've had very little time for anything but work, and I have been focused on getting outside with what little time i do have - Thus, im going to start updating work in bulk, because there are just too many projects to do one at a time. Im sorry, as soon as im caught up, i'll get back to my regular - in the mean time, heres the first post of new work.
For Nexus magazine, about laws protecting prostitutes:

For Education Forum, a personal story about a teacher traveling to other counties to supply teach

For Utne, about the death of female soldiers - in hindsight this piece reminds me a bit of a piece by Dan Hertzberg, about healthcare - Sorry Hertz, yours is better.

For Money Sense about family debt, in ratio to lifestyle spending.

4 more new pieces to be posted later this week, and so on and so on till we're caught up.