a good idea goes a long way

This was for an article about how good ideas travel from person to person - in the business world only the best ideas make it from the bottom to the top.
I've been working alot of different ways lately, its weird because although i feel like my style is pretty consistent it does seem to change alot from graphic to less graphic, realistic to more cartoony. I realize this may pose some problems for me, but im finding it impossible to draw one way. i dunno. maybe its not as big of a deal as i think. anyway, thanks for stopping by :)


Screw You Juan...

Recent job for Inside Counsel about Lawyers using social networking sites - I liked the idea of just making a really fun image of a Lawyer on his computer like a school girl, totally pumped about using internet slang. Right? ...Its funny...
Friend, fellow illustrator and Badass MC Juan Solon is also in this issue - so fun to be sharing that with him - check out his blog for when he eventually posts his contribution.
Boo ya.
Oh and thanks Liz - you were one of the funnest AD's I've ever worked with.


He Lives...

Hi guys,
sorry for a few weeks without posting, but like I mentioned I went away to Glastonbury, then I actually needed to make stuff - rest assured, there will be alot of posts this month - and stuff im happy with too. This'll start it off - my second Village Voice cover. The article was about this FBI informant who would..."convince" (with gifts, pestering, promises of money etc) fairly normal people to become part of terrorist plots. In the particular case of the story, bomb planting - then obviously he sicks the Feds on them. Its seems alot like entrappment because these people wouldnt have exactly commited these crimes without his cohersion, yet they DID commit these crimes. The AD and I eventually landed on the idea of a cutaway of a bomb with a rat inside - the wick being the rats tail. Really liked the metaphor and this idea
I also like the way the particular AD seems to push me, I get images Im really happy with.
Thanks Ivy, and thanks everyone for stopping by!!!