new year...

so we're back at school and im sure that most of you are well settled in. this is my first project now that i am back this is the first painting ive really done this year so im glad to be back into the swing of things.
i think i hate not taking steps with every bit of new work that i do, so with that in mind i was heading in some new directions - maybe for a bit, or maybe just one project ...we'll see.
anyway - this was for a project regarding a recipe for something. mine was for excitement...but then i crossed that out and decided it was for trouble.
dad, thoughts?


extra credit (running out of punns)

this was for an article about consumerism that followed 9/11. - the basic idea was that the magnetic stripe of a credit card was replaced with a tower - then i doubled it. thanks to devon for the articles. the whole thing was done super fast - ive been pushing my process to see if its realistic - but from start to finish this was only a few hours and has a neat - "created on wood" look - although it so wasnt .