we're a tightly knit group

so, this is the image of my fall postcard promo - forgive the slightly dull colours, IRL they look very vibrant, as I imagine they will also in print. This is the second time doing this image, this was actually the first piece I ever did for an idea that i loved- so I thought it was a great piece to "do right", kind of a full circle moment. On the back of the postcard it will say "I've re-invented myself" - a little reference to the slight turn my work has taken. If anyone would like a card just send me a message and I'd love to mail one out to you - oh, and i'll try to post an image of the cards in print.
lots and lots and lots of new work / ideas to post soon.


Nude erection

when you say that fast it sounds like new direction said fast....isnt that funny?!!?
well, the time has come, im going to start unveiling some new work in my new direction.
Whats changed? well, basically its the exact same sans outlines around the figure and plus a bit of dimension to the characters. turns out those few changes really take the work somewhere else. i will be posting alot of this new work in the coming weeks - plus a new promo, and if i ever get paid to do this - some new commissioned work. this piece was for an article about depression. some AD's already willing to take the risk - come to me AD's - be sucked into my sirens song...
ps, why is it that even previewing the jpeg i post the colours are SO MUCH better than when i post it? annnoooyyyiiinnngggg


stranger than ficton

piece for the stranger a little while back for a book review about this book that reads like a mix tape


water you doing

i like punns. ...wait, could that be considered a punn? hmmmmm.
anyway, to continue on with my previous rant Im ready to implement some of the changes in my work that i've been going on and on and on about these past nine months or so. here is my first step - with more changes etc. to come.
this piece was for the LAtimes, about, of all things turf. it seems in LA there is a real issue with having turf that can resist the suns heat. Grass scientists are slowly (and painfully) engineering a turf that doesnt need as much water and can handle sun in its place - (hence the illo). here are some roughs
i really liked this idea - was hoping it would be chosen - the grass snipping the hose like scissors
kinda obvious
...ha, oh and this little gem as well - there were more roughs too
anyway, onto the rough chosen and the final
playing with the idea of the sun replacing water from the watering can
and the actual final - there are a few open areas, left for text - all in all turned out really nice -
in the mountain of rough painting and "tests" i do im seeing the work being handled alot like the watering can - simular drawing and texture - but more 3D and line work that matches the image a bit more - eventually there will be a point where its 100% like this i think, but for now, im introducing it into my work. i'd love to hear any thoughts.


at home

often in between being busy with life i like to go back to work i've done and re-visit it. i have sort of a secret fantasy of working digitally, for both the freedom it provides and the opportunity. i like to take pieces i've completed and re-imagine them , how they might look if i took my work one direction or another. i think this is a useful tool, because often times i get good ideas that i can translate into my existing work - to help it grow. if you read my blog on the regular you know i wrestle with style alot. partially, because i know there are a million places i want to take my work, and sometimes letting it happen naturally can feel too slow - also, partially because i have a strong desire to further distance myself from my laundry list of influences and amazing illustrators. Its no secret that i love taxali's work, or dan pages, or devon bowmans etc etc. and so its important to me to continue not to step on their toes through my progression. the one thing i know, is that to me atleast - my work has come a long way from this point last year - as im sure it will continue to. i have alot of ideas, not the least of which are limited by the tools i use to create. i have had success and i have had failures branching out, i guess the important thing is to continue to branch. i crave feeling understood.
heres one of those "revisited" pieces - i have some new work to post soon, just thought i'd share some thoughts. thanks.