apparently i like drawing pencils...

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This piece was a spot for The New Republic about education reform and national standards. I really liked the final idea, because i wanted to focus on reform being a time of rebirth, growth, and opportunity. really amazing AD, and really amazing magazine - they use a lot of cool illustration. Thanks for reading :)



I was really happy when asked if i would like to design the next promo for my rep Morgan Gaynin - They wanted an image that would show them as industry leaders. I took some time and gave it some thought and came back with the idea of an orchestra conductor (leader) but instead of holding a baton, the conductor would be holding a pencil (nice way to show leading illustration). The all female organization had the great idea to have the conductor be a woman (i had originally drawn a man (do all guys do that?)) and thus began piecing it together and drawing it out. a final cherry on top was using the morgan gaynin logo for cuff links. I was so happy with this idea, and really pleased with the execution, for a change. Thanks Vicki and Gail for asking me to represent you for once :)


Wall Street Journal

So, I was pleased as punch to be able to do this recent piece for the Wall Street Journal. Its for a section written by Steve and Levi Yoder - a father and son team that discuss personal financial issues. In fact, my old pal Mike Byers did a piece for this section some time ago (which can be seen here ). Anyway, MY article was in response to the sunday letters they receive. Lots of roughs, but i really liked the idea of them responding to the specific dates the letters came in- thus a calendar, and its a well known fact that calendars look like shelves in a mailroom - so that worked nicely for the metaphor. Finally, let me just say that I started the piece around 6pm that night before it was due (noon the next day) - so a nice fast turn around meant the paint barely had time to dry (not really, its acrylic - so dries pretty fast.) ok, im done. thanks for reading.



For an article about the olympic clean-up, it talked about the shock to Vancouver's waste system / the cities "eco system". Pretty gross stuff / pretty obvious solution.


Oscar Charticle

I recently did a few small spots for the LATimes for a charticle about the Oscars. Seems most of my work for them involves the Oscars, but Im not complaining - its always a joy to work with Wes. All 4 were painted in about 12 hours. It was a race, but fun to push it
these first two spots were about actors and directors predicting the outcomes...
we also played with hiding the identity of the producer and then a little paining of the Oscar
finally, the whole thing laid out - believe it or not there were about 10 rough ideas per spot - some cool ideas, but like always Wes picked what would work best. Thanks for reading