The rule of thirds...

apparently I like to draw people in 3's. so be it.
Quick piece I did for HR Magazine about cuts across the board.
basically at a certain State University, rather than firing workers HR had the genius idea to just implement miniature, unpaid leaves of absence - super miniature - maybe just a few hours once a week. these were also tiered so that it had the greatest effect on the highest paid employees - that way, everyone could afford the cutback. basically everyone sacrifices so that no jobs are lost.
Good of the University to want to keep its employees - from bottom to top
heres some roughs.


Quick, like a bunny ...

yesterday i did a very fast turn around op-ed for the nytimes (running today) about doctors treating patients using guidelines rather than personal assessments. this is a reaction to malpractice suites etc - and in an effort to curb that - standardization would help. the downside is you can not treat an illness in a uniform way - everyone is different. from beginning starting on roughs to end about 4 hours. read it online here
Thanks Alex for bringing the wrong credit to my attention :)



Sometimes a less conceptual approach is necessary.
Those words haunt me, but are true. I recently did this piece for CSO magazine about Software as a service coming to surveillance. Say that ten times fast. Basically this means that those that use surveillance software will be able to use it anywhere thanks to the internet. Thanks internet.
I tried to push for a few conceptual ideas - but a clear a+b+c solution made more sense. We decided to do with 50's style service men presenting the necessary components. I wanted them to all look the exact same to get across a more mechanical / consistent vibe as its ultimately being offered by technology, not a human being.
heres some roughs and a picture of me painting. For a while i was focusing on the "dead weight" that was dropped by the new software ^^^


I have issues with food...

A few months ago I was contacted by Houston Press about doing some spots for their "Best of" restaurant issue - Here is a few of them -
Best "ethical zen" dining:
Best highbrow, oldschool, expensive meal:Best winebar (and a reuse idea from when i was in university)There were more, but i felt these worked really well as a series of portraits.
Oh - and heres a video that goes with the title: man like me - fruit


Under Pressure...

Such a classic song. maybe, in my top ten. maybe. Anyway, heres a piece i did for AARP about the added pressure bank fees and overdraft charges cause their customers. is costumers the right word? are bankers customers? anyway, was really happy with the solution, seemed to fit like a glove. upon submitting the final i received an email asking if i could do another small illo for the bottom of the page to show tying together finances, and they needed it ASAP. AARPASAP. so did that one too. really nice clients to work for, thats for sure! - couple of roughs, there were lots!loved this idea - cant believe it hasnt been done before! im sure you'll be seeing it sometime in the future. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
and then the little spot illo
and a rough i was hoping might make the grade:


Mao Mao Mao

Op-ed running in the LATimes today about the Chinese Communist Party "adopting" many of the ideologies of Confucianism - in an attempt to bridge many of the serious gaps plaguing the country. Long sentence ... sorry. Essentially, the solution is a bit suspiciously convenient. Man this painting went late - but its great to work at that time of night - the city gets so calm. Drawing Confucius' mustache on Mao was my favorite idea, so i was thrilled Wes went this way - here are some of the other roughs too: