i dont get time to do as many personal pieces as i'd like - this was a rejected rough for a financial piece a while back. i took out the stern looking business man and replaced him with a kid. my idea was to title it "being a kid is hard" - although not sure if that really makes sense. Really wanted to push the piece to be super fun and childlike. i'm also very into gradients lately, so you'll be seeing more and more of them in my work in the coming weeks - or until i realize they dont look good.
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I have a piece in todays Washington Post - its about this neighborhood thats being wrecked by by construction. This was SO MUCH FUN to work on. I've been really wanting to do a super complicated piece (for me) since the "Inception" piece a few months ago - so was really excited to get the chance to do it again
Diamond (the AD) was an extreme joy to work with and gave some really fun feed back and really made the piece sing. I was looking at a bunch of Waldo books to get some inspiration, and would love a chance (and some more time) to do something REALLY complicated - but this was great for now.


The Rememberers

This was for a feature story about a woman (and a group of people) that remember everything. Like, literally everything! isnt that nuts?! apparently, its a pretty small number of people that have this ability, like 9 so far - so its a pretty remarkable skill to have. I was lucky enough to have some of the image spill onto the opposite page and also illustrate the headline. I was seeing string for days afterwards! Big shout out to Jill, who modeled for this piece (as they requested the woman look pretty, and she fit the bill)
just a few ideas - i wanna hold onto a few of the better ones, for now...
liked the one below - the string making an infinity symbol
also thought this was funny - putting your brain in reverse gear...



i had a piece in the globe and mail today. the story was a bit of a weird one - it was about an older man who likes playing with spherical magnets - and believes they help him think / use his brain.
for at least a few hours i had no idea where to take that. none. i started doing some research and came across this image of magnetic fields - the lines really seemed to look like the two halves of a brain (top view) - that was good enough for me - i worked for a while on other brain ideas - but they ended up going with this one. this piece is shown with the line work yellow - it went to print in brown, but i prefer it like this - a bit more subtle, i think. I've really cut away doing elaborate line work in the last few years - but it seemed a bit necessary for this. also tinkered with just pink outlines - but maybe its too subtle?heres some ideas that didnt make the cut - there were lots more, each relating in one way or another...


the (new) times, they are a changin'

Current cover for The Broward New Times, about police corruption ... kinda ... I'll explain -
Basically there was a large overtime scam happening where cops were stealing additional hours to pad their cheques. (This was the angle many of my roughs took) - There was also a small number of whistle blower cops that "ratted out" the crook cops. cops arresting cops arresting cops essentially. (thats the angle the final went)Also, with the help of Joel Kimmel and my kind and selfless friend Greg Benedetto I was able to put together a process video - Greg did the editing, and I'm sure im jumping the gun a little, as he was putting on some finishing touches - but i though he did an awesome job - and he's the best! So, check that out here: http://manwithoutacountry.ca/pete/pete_01-H.264.mov


you shoes you lose

This piece was for Runners World about planning / customizing / tuning up your week.
As such, we decided to use a calender to show organization and planning.
What an awesome magazine. They use SO MUCH illustration - and its all very different. This issue included pieces from Victo Ngai, Thomas Fuchs, Josh Cochran, Edel Rodriguez, Mike Byers (who absolutely KILLED a massive feature - nice one Mike) among others. Marc Kauffman, the AD for this piece was really great to work with, even when i needed a little back and forth getting the final just right -

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somewhere, over the rainbow...

This piece was for Investment Advisor - the topic being "How much do investors stand to lose when interest rates reverse course?" - Sometimes financial pieces like this really get me excited because you really have to exercise, you know? here are some ideas i had - i really liked the speedbag one, like your investment takes a beating -
Chris Nicholls, The AD for this one came up with the idea of pushing the chosen image to the right to make room for the header - great idea Chris, it was fun to work with the negative spaceand the final (cropped a bit from the original, for your viewing pleasure)
also Chris' idea to have the rainbow run off the page.
Thanks for reading.