the cost of raising kids

for an article about the cost of raising kids. Tried some new stuff which was great and this was the first time i have made an image that just sits in white space. whatever the client wants right?! fun project!!!


this and that with design

so I've been doing alot of random design work since ive been in montreal. its really fun stuff. i know i know - but pete - you're an illustrator!! well i'll be posting new illustrations soon too - so chill. maybe even some sketchbook stuff. im serious. updated ALOT.
this was for mapmusic.org. its bsically this guy named robbie tucker who's raising money for research. the design was pretty simple for me - basically setting some type, getting rid of the previous logo on his shirt and the smudges on his guitar. fun part was coming up with a simple "hero" logo for mapmusic -heres the before and after - it was really fun to get to work with this guy and work with such a cool picture.
oh and BIG news soon too this week!



sorry for the lack of updates post school - ive just been so busy. in montreal right now - thats awesome - been having alot of fun! i am going to be updating way more as ive been busy illustrating - but just doing random things too. oh and these were cool