This little spot was for an article about the effects NAFTA is having on the agriculture industry. there is so much undercutting and competition just bellow the surface. pretty grim stuff.
im pretty happy with the solution.
its sunny out today - funny how good that makes everything feel.


heres something...

very recently finished.
I was fortunate enough to work with DREAM client "HOW Magazine". The article was about attract new, inhouse business.
Here is my final.
The AD was amazing and had great feedback - i really wanted to nail this one, as i love their publication and felt so fortunate to be working with them.
Thanks for stopping by - lots of new stuff up soon, plus my new promo is a few weeks.


birdz and beez

here is my contribution to the "birds and bees" group show coming up Friday, March 6th 7-11pm at Jerome Jenner Gallery in Toronto - the project was open media, ooen everything really. i started off with alot of ideas that seemed pretty abstract - and it eventually boiled down to this. only after completion did i laugh at my apparently bleak view of the birds and bees. i assure you reader that its not a true reflection of any conscious thinking. :)
there might be another post like...today...stay tuned



will cure this recession and fix the economy!!!


hey, so i recently finished this...

it was for an article about carshares. the "prescription" for the car rental industry. super convenient, organized, and accessible. the idea was to show a parking lot (where the cars are available) double as a pill dispenser (for reasons such as its convenience - separation by days of the week, and ease of distribution. am i explaining this clearly ... hard to say - the idea has been swimming in my head for too many days in a row now.
anyway, the AD was a great guy and i found out through researching the mag that Devon Bowman does a monthly for them. He's a big hero of mine, so its neat to share a magazine with him. :)
tried some unusual stuff (for me) with this one including "cut paper" overlayed as lights. neat effect.
onward to other stuff.
thanks for checking up - in other news London is going really well - its cloudy alot - but great!!!