flower power

This piece will be appearing in todays LATimes on the cover of the IMAGE section.
The article is about a new trend in women embracing the natural beauty of going gray.
For this image they wanted to get across elegance and feminine beauty - as Im no expert on these topics there were lots of roughs. It took a while for me to find the right tone, even with Wes suggesting cascading hair. Nice quick turnaround!


Its just business... *Now with Final*

Any business work I do is probably my favorite. There are so many ways to get conceptual, but remain clear. Heres is the final rough of a recent project ( I will be posting the final final shortly) - The piece centered around banks, and how their resources are continually being "tapped" - this leads to temporary strain, but if done at the right time then given time to re-strengthen it can be a rich resource. Given the description (and lucky break that pillars look just like trees) it sounded just like gathering maple syrup. a sweet solution indeed.
It sure is fun (AND FAST) doing a bulk of my rough work in illustrator. Im jealous of the skilled illustrators who use this program on the regular.