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this piece is the sixth panel in the series and like the first one is subject to change slightly when put in context with the series - it discusses the womans ideology that cancer saved her life by giving her a second chance. theres alot i wanted to do with this one. first and foremost it was important to me that the amount of water she be surrounded by be infinite. i think thats important because it shows the dependency on the lymphoma ribbon life preserver - without it (the aspect of her life) she'd be a goner. in contrast to that it also establishes a sense of peace - i guess thats reinforced by the expression on her face. i also wanted to find a good balance of how much the life preserver looks like the ribbon and vice versa - i think i found a nice balance. i'll post the others in the series this week sometime
painted acrylic

EDIT* - i have added the revised final at the top. the changes were pretty minimal and really included adding some more water ripples at the bottom and a horizon line at the top. it was a big choice but i think benefits the piece both ascetically and emotionally.


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this is the first in a series of six. the subject is of a woman dealing with / and carrying around her emotional childhood.

i'll post the others this week, its just been super busy.
painted in acrylic.
oh - it might also get modified slightly when the last ones are finished - if needed - but thats more or less it.