Zero tolerance

Heres a piece I did, what seems like a VERY long time ago now, for Reader's Digest - The article was about how zero tolerance / over-reaction is making good kids seem like criminals.
because of the backlog of piece to post its kinda fun to look back now at it. I liked the final they picked, but was really hoping for the school house / jail one. oh well. i had originally painted a full final, but upon completion, didn't feel like the piece had any life, so re-approached and was much happier the second time around. Sometimes my work can get a bit messy, so due to the size that its printed i tried to keep it nice and clean. lots of ideas for this one.
( like the school zone sign, but the kid being led away in handcuffs)


Leave it to beaver

not even the best title i had. i considered Justin Beaver briefly. Anyway, heres a piece in the new cottage life about getting your toilet to use less water. lots of different ways apparently!
Im convinced cottage life's AD's have a great sense of humor - cause this sure is zany. Heres the final and some roughs


me so thorny

is that title appropriate? so, i know, i said i would post way more like...two weeks ago, i mean it for reals this time. im gonna update this mother like its going out of style. so, here a piece in todays Boston Globe - its a book review for "the Pain Chronicles" a story about this really amazing womans struggle with chronic pain. shes this really positive, beautiful person on the inside, just surrounded by hurt. so check that out. side bar I've been having so much fun painting in the last few months, especially pieces like this. thanks for stopping by, more soon. heres some roughs - there were LOTS.


Shady's back, tell a friend

I decided to take a month away from my blog. Basically, its summer and Im a nerd. that natural combination causes an eternal war. i want to do things like blog etc. but i also want to force myself to go outside and enjoy the sun. Like this very second, i also look for reasons and ways to procrastinate. Long story short, in a whole hearted effort to seize summers embrace, as well as to focus my work time exclusively on work i took a break. A month off. So here we are 29 days later (the month off could be February) and I'm ready to pick up posting. The upside to my absence is that a surplus of pieces to post have built up, so at the very least August will be ripe with new stuff. Heres a piece i did for Wes a little while ago about the various aspects of Emmy acceptance speeches.As always, Wes is the best to work with.
Here are some roughs: