Shady's back, tell a friend

I decided to take a month away from my blog. Basically, its summer and Im a nerd. that natural combination causes an eternal war. i want to do things like blog etc. but i also want to force myself to go outside and enjoy the sun. Like this very second, i also look for reasons and ways to procrastinate. Long story short, in a whole hearted effort to seize summers embrace, as well as to focus my work time exclusively on work i took a break. A month off. So here we are 29 days later (the month off could be February) and I'm ready to pick up posting. The upside to my absence is that a surplus of pieces to post have built up, so at the very least August will be ripe with new stuff. Heres a piece i did for Wes a little while ago about the various aspects of Emmy acceptance speeches.As always, Wes is the best to work with.
Here are some roughs:


Yuta Onoda said...

Welcome back and great work as always!! :)

pete ryan said...

thanks Yuta

JuanCarlos said...

Welcome back my friend!!!


mark smith said...

EMMyAZING! (Cheesiest comment ever? Most probably!)

Nimit Malavia said...

Weeellcomme baaccckkkkk!
Amazing work bro!!