snow more mr. nice guy

New piece for for the super awesome Lesley Palmer, and AARP about time banking and time bank participation. if you're not familiar with the term, time banking is a community initiative where individuals "log" hours by performing tasks for others, and by doing so, build up hours they can use to receive help from others. example, i shovel your driveway, you unclog my sink. get it? my idea was pretty straight up, to show someone performing a task, and link that up with the concept of time keeping. couple of ideas - there were lots more...



Very quick piece for the WSJ, about knowing the right direction to take your investment. will it be in your companies 401k, or an IRA? etc. This idea came up pretty organically. I was thinking about the line "whatever direction the wind takes you" - which got me thinking of a weather vane. I always think of a rooster or goose as part of the weather vane, and it didnt take much thought to add a little egg under that goose. A no brainer, and a solid solution for the problem, i think.
However, this wasnt the initial image that was chosen. this was: but, as it turns out - another illustration printed today had a question mark - so we went with plan B. always fun working with the WSJ.


Heavy Metal

Full Pager for HR Magazine, about what an extreme burden having a
criminal record/ criminal past is for professionals re-entering the work force. the article also talked about what good employees ex-cons generally are - and how the hurdles to hire them are slowly being removed (hence the various positive ideas)


you can't pick your friend's nose.

Had the pleasure of doing a full-pager for the always excellent Cincinnati Magazine. It was for their Top Doctors issue (out now) - my aspect of medicine was "endoscopic tumor removal surgery" - that is, where they travel up the nose to remove a tumor in the brain. I had a really hard time not coming up with gross concepts - but through about a billion sketchbook failures i had the idea of someone reaching up through the opening of a gum ball machine, and removing the "bad" gumball. The final step was to make the machine resemble a face, to kinda tie it all together.