Getting Hammered

For the Mortgage Observer, part of the NY Observer about the need for cash / equity before building / development can begin. Breaking a piggy bank and hammering a nail worked perfectly together as one idea, a happy visual overlap. 


Unicorns on Wheels

 That, my friends, was the outstanding title I was able to illustrate. Vehicular Unicorn. (later changed to Unicorns on Wheels) WOW. Of course, there are a million approached to such a challenge, but this one fit almost perfectly. Fun to collaborate with the wonderful people at Orange Coast magazine which has really become an favorite for illustrators to work with.


your kiss, YOUR KISS, is on my list

couple of new ones for my friend Steve Balaban and his beautiful magazine about showing some affection and a little love to invertebrates. Obviously, there are millions of creatures to choose from - so concepting was both a joy and a nightmare - when to stop!?
This crab idea is one of my favorite visual overlaps in a while - i kept obsessing over ways to show affection and love etc. - kisses just kept popping back into mind - then finally stumbled over this solution.
 the snail one seemed like a great pairing, totally different species and fun to show the trail creating a solid object - in this case, and arrow through a heart.


which witch is which?

Happy Autumn!


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New piece in todays Sunday edition for Alabama Live, about outsourcing justice, and the various impacts of that decision, at different stages along the way. Big thanks to Tim, for being so open to my ideas - and shout out to my buddy Dan Hertzberg for recommending me for the gig.



New one for Worth about deceptive executives who offer bad financial advice under the guise that its helpful - all along benefiting themselves. fun concepting for this one

We decided to go with this one (below) - but they wanted his face more smug, not so happy and simply rendered - so i went to the best place for that kind of character - Disney movies!
Inspired by Gaston, I moved forward.
and the final image below :)


We want a batter, not a broken ladder.

 New piece for Chris at Investment Advisor, about companies (and their employees) that rise too fast, without having a solid foundation. They might seem like a sound investment, moving to the top so quick, but they're rarely built to last.