All good things...

So, in whats become a bit of an annual tradition for me, its my 2010 "thank you" post.
This year has been incredible. I'm really enjoying living downtown Toronto, and love spending time in my work and living space more and more (for better or worse) ha. I've been super fortunate to work with some really amazing clients this year, and for that I am super thankful. I feel incredibly grateful every time I'm selected for a project and try my best to make a good image with each opportunity. Thank you, everyone who has hired me. Not only do you feed my body and pay my bills, but you give me a sense of purpose and complete happiness. I owe you all a high five. I've made some good work this year, and some pieces not so great - but i learn with each one, and always approach new commissions with a spirit of adventure. I think this is why I hold onto working in a traditional manner. Its a bit difficult to explain, but for me, working traditionally is more about the exploration than the destination. Im not replicating a process, in most cases I'm wrestling with it. Desiring a particular texture or "look" requires figuring out how to physically make it. its sometimes slow, and often clumsy but im holding onto it with a mechanics grip. Im proud of many fo my 2010 projects.
Each year I meet great new designers and illustrators, and this year was no exception. People in this industry are so good to each other. The folks I've gotten' to know, or know better have totally inspired me and humbled me with their skill and friendship. The list would take forever, but to all my friends - thanks for this year. To all the industry vets who's work and careers I admire so much I wish you continued success and thank you for the inspiration and for forging the path.
Thanks Fish and Mark for helping me get Nonslick back on track - and thanks to everyone who reads the interviews we post. I really care about that blog and really see the value of asking questions and sharing experience. I appreciate the support people show it.
Thanks Jill for sharing a workspace with me. i look forward to listening to records and This American Life along side you every day when I wake up. I'm lucky I get to spend so much time with you. Thanks to my family and loved ones - your support and encouragement will always have a home with me. Finally thanks to everyone the checks out my work, leaves comments, sends me emails or supports me in any way - its appreciated more than you can imagine. Making images for a living can provide a healthy amount of self doubt. I'm trying my best with every piece I make, so having people give a shit is really really validating. Seriously, Thank you.
Finally a bit of advice that I try to remember everyday:
Work hard(er), Stay Humble (always) and Be Thankful (for everything).

I'm going to be an uncle in 2011 - so the year is already shaping up to be a new favorite.


You down with OPC? YEAH, YOU KNOW ME!!!

Heres a few fun spots I did for the Ontario Principals Council magazine.
The first one (and idea i've been waiting to use for a dogs age) was about ontario principals setting and reaching new standards. obviously principals wear orange sweaters...
next one was about kids bringing their home education practices with them to school
the last one was a movie review of the film "waiting for superman" - the reviewer takes a very critical look at a film taking a critical look at schools. thanks for stopping by. i love you.


license to pill

Painted this for a feature story on Thursday for the LATimes - it was about how drugs designed to help curb obesity keep being held back by the FDA. Got to work with Joey Santos on this one, and he was awesome! In the roughs I tried to play with the idea of blocking and denying. here are a few below - Oh, and it ran BIG - like 8.5 x 11


Shot through the heart...

Heres a cover I did for Westword about a man who's wife shot him in the face and blinded him. It's actually super sad - he was sleeping at the time. He even supported his wife for a while through the trial - must have been a really confusing time. Anyway, This idea seemed too good to be true - in fact there were a bunch of easy solutions. heres the final with some mock text and without, and some roughs.


cheap - er by the dozen

last week or the week before i got a call around 3:30 to see if i could do a small spot for the next day for the WSJ - roughs by 5:15. the article just had a blurb at the time, but would be about all the cheap holiday gift deals going down over Thanksgiving. lots of savings to be found! i got excited and put my thinking cap on (aka an old beer hat i wear for no real reason other than it makes me look slightly homeless) - I had lots of fun brainstorming for this - even for just a small amount of time.
the illustration also need to fit a completely different set of dimensions, so i painted everything separately and fit them back together in the final process
thanks for stopping by!!