Gotta say...

I was pretty happy to be a part of this! First "letters" piece for the nytimes - Nice, short deadline - but it certainly does get lots of ideas flowing!! The piece was about "opinions on the healthcare summit" - Thanks Aviva, really appreciate the opportunity!!
Read more here: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/02/27/opinion/l27health.html


putter' there

Just a little promo about "standing out from the crowd"


you shoes you lose

This piece was for CIO magazine - about a specific website that is using video to sell their merchandise (shoes) - video helps it be more interactive etc. In the roughs i supplied i provided both solutions to the concept of video providing money - and also videos relationship to shoes.
heres some roughs, there were many more...loved this idea - so simple, the pyramid turned on its side - very much the play icon


Las Vegas Weekly Cover

This image was for the cover of Las Vegas Weekly. The feature was about Nevada losing its edge - through roughs i realized that a guillotine blade with a broken edge looks EXACTLY like the state of Nevada and is perfectly clear for the concept of losing an edge. What an amazingly fortunate coincidence. Above is the image (cropped a bit) and i'll post the cover image with the text and title asap - still 100% painted. Below 4 of 11 rough ideas. Thanks so much to Ryan, great to get to work with you! More soon
turning down the vegas sign - "W" doubles as a dimmer switch
talked about the influx of Republicans to the state - thought it would be a neat image to be "shuffling" the two parties together
starts edgy - ends conservative
broken heel
cover :)


Abacus cadabra

Gonna be reading the LaTimes today? Then check this out...
Overnighter about calculating the Oscar winner for best picture (its a relatively new method they're using to vote in the winner (it actually a very old method they're bringing back)) - the article also talked a bit about the controversy of this method - and the idea of picking your favourite one. Anyway, started painting at about 5pm, due the next morning by noon - needless to say...i was tired. Im excited every time Wes calls - he's a great AD and tonnes of fun. Shout out to good buddy Josiah Gordon, and Daniel Downey - two great illustrators well versed in abacus imagery. Have a good sunday everyone


beam me up spotty

another spot - i seem to do a lot of these, someone has to right :)
for the stranger about their book advice column (advises love books or love advice...it involves love) anyway - this is graphically a lot cleaner than my usual work - its just that the size didnt lend itself to a lot of detail and i wanted it to be read without any trouble.
more messier work up soon. fo sho
i was REALLY hoping the "lady and the tramp" bookmark idea would be picked, c'est la vie


its my birthday this month

This was for Phoenix mag - its the first time I've had to paint a building (or anything really) that actually looked like it does in real life. So that was fun. I've wanted to work with Brian for a while and he didnt disappoint. stop by again soon, wont you?