children behave

heres a recent piece done for Adweek. now, its kinda a complicated image - basically adweek was doing a monthly review and the issue ended with the theme "What kids want". The AD wanted one image that would cover three completely different subjects. the first subject - how 2nd tier media companies are able to stand up to first tier ones - 2nd tiers arent standing in the shadow, but rather on the shadow even steven . the second - was children's influence on parents purchasing habits - and even in a recession kids generally make a majority of buying decisions. and finally, the medias impact on childhood obesity and its responsibilities. tying all of this together in one image was a bit tricky. Ron the AD had the great idea of using a triptych - one image broken into 3 parts - tied together by colour scheme - shape etc. each indavidual section was treated like its own illustration with plently of roughs etc - then when we had our set directions i worked on drawing them so that they fit together. the final piece i think is pretty successful and i was able to try / push some new techniques.
you can read more here if you like. Thanks Ron - lots of fun working with you!!


two for one...

heres a couple of small pieces recently -
The first for Milwaukee Magazine about the city being lumped into a real estate survey with some other, larger cities. Sort of the odd man out. heres the piece and the layout - i wont trouble you with roughs, but there were lots. - got to do some block printing in this piece, so that was fun
the second piece is for BCBusiness with the specific brief of "sharing green ideas". it appears very small so i wanted it to be clear. usually that means something graphic in my mind. heres the final and a few roughs:
sidebar - this thursday is the Sheridan Grad show - i hope everyone that can makes it out and supports these new grads!


have your quake, and eat it too.

Heres an OpEd piece appearing in todays LA Times about earthquakes.
specifically, how theres nothing to really fear - in the the sense that nothing new is happening. By all means fear earthquakes, they're scary and destructive - but its certainly not the end of the world. there are no greater earthquakes happening now than ever before - its just that we're all connected so much more and living where they are much more active. This was kind of the direction pitched to me - the idea of being untouched by the calamity in remote places.
I played with that, and the idea of not fearing whats happening.
soulja boi tell em.
some other roughs:


magic wand, make my monster grow

- in reference to the hit series "Power Rangers" and in no way a sexual innuendo.
In a (somewhat) related (to the title) note this was a little info-graphic i did for Cottage Life about repairing old - dried out wooden canoes. The way to fix em up is with water...obviously. because the wood shrinks when its out of water, dousing it helps it expand and fill the cracks. God, this entire post is a "thats what she said" marathon. Anyway, It was fun to show a piece in panels - step by step - and an additional challenge to really "clean up" my style. info-graphics are traditionally very clear and straight forward - so that was the tone i wanted to go for. Very fun. Im currently working on one for the next issue - involving bears!! that should be awesome. Thanks Steve!!
ok, as you were...


one mans trash

is another mans treasure -
This was a rejected rough that i liked so much i wanted to make it my spring postcard.
Its hard to find the time to make promo stuff, so hopefully this does the trick :)
Thanks for reading, more soon.


Ke$ha, Ipad, Lady Gaga, I.S.O

april fools!! disregard that title, more of a little game Im playing with analytics - speaking of which - i seeeee yyyyoooouuuuuuu.
...anyway - I recently did a Bunch of pieces for I.S.O&Agent Magazine (the magazine about credit card terminals and the people that sell them of course). The very nice AD approached me with some ideas - asked if i'd pitch some too and off we went. In the end the editor decided to go with their initial ideas (except for one) but I thought I'd post some of mine too. while Im not going to post everything (gotta save some for a rainy day) it was a fun project and I really pleased to have worked with them!!!
First -the coverThe AD gave me the brief of "struggling with cash" - the agents want cash and its difficult to get
There were lots of other ideas too.
Next, a spot about navigating the peaks and valleys / finding opportunity /shortcuts
this one was my idea!!!! heres some more roughs
currently being painted as a spring promo
lots of others, but this is already a longass post ... we'll do one more - save the rest for a later date
small feature about I.S.O's going global / expanding the global market - their pitched idea chosen (and not unlike one i've done before)
lots more ideas here too. Anyway, Thanks Galina - this was lots of fun!!!
more soon...