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This might be a really long post.
Basically, I want to share a couple of covers out this week, and then do my year end re-cap. I guess I'll start with this cover I did for the Broward New Times, about predatory charter schools - you know, the kind that really target "at risk" kids with the promise of a diploma, but dont deliver (and are corrupt to boot). I focused on a few different elements - this type of education being dangerous, the idea of profiting from churning out diplomas, and even a focus on "at risk" kids graduating. The solution that was chosen turned out to be really graphic - but man, i was totally thrilled with the solution - so clear.I also made a process video for this cover - you can check it out here: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/17679720/Pete_01_169.mov - Here are some roughs below:Another Cover!
I also did the cover of Seattle Weekly, out today. The topic was the wide number of professional football players going bankrupt. Even people with 100 million dollar careers are retiring with no money, and often in debt! Jane Sherman was the AD for this one, and she came to me with an idea in mind - I was happy to see that come to life, but figured I'd pitch some of my ideas too:

Finally, I wanted to say some words about 2011. Illustration wise, 2011 was an amazing year for me. I added some dream clients to my client list, and made some pieces i am really proud of! Im continuing to try to employ my "do whatever feels right" approach to illustrating. Sometimes that means rendered images, sometimes a graphic approach. I'm not sure where this approach is going to take my work, but I'm eager to try as many things as possible, until something feels perfect. The big story this year has to be the community thats developed on twitter. I've made so many supportive and talented friends, and thats EXACTLY the industry I want to be a part of. Its super important to me to support my peers successes and triumphs, and that forum has been great. I also had the good fortune to meet many people in person this year and im happy to say the great people I've come to know online translate to great people in real life. You guys (and girls) are the best - Im fortunate to have such wonderful, and talented peers. Big thanks to everyone who has given me a chance to draw for them this year - i really appreciate it, and always try my best. Heres hoping the Mayans were full of shit, and 2012 is going to be amazing! The year of the Hobbit! And the Dark Knight Rises!! Thanks family, friends, Jill and Lox.
I love you all.


space jam

two small spots for Canadian Wildlife about space pioneers, and colonizing. Making silly images and trying some new techniques is such a nice treat from time to time. Great working with Steve!


i scream, you scream

New piece for the Utne Reader about the growing racial integration in many American neighborhoods. it seems for for many years now, white and black neighborhoods have become less and less segregated - partly because laws preventing Blacks from owning homes in White neighborhoods have been done away with - and also partly because of changing attitudes. Having a swirl icecream cone do the heavy lifting for me (race wise) was an easy and light hearted approach. - Didn't hurt that a cone can look so much like a house, either.
Really was a pleasure to be able to work with Stephanie and Utne. here are some roughs:
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Bloomberg Businessweekend at Bernie's

In September, when in New York I had a portfolio review at Business Week. I had only been to NY twice before so the city for me is pretty hard to navigate. As scheduling is always hard for everyone, the only time that worked was about two hours after my flight landed - this scared me, but i didnt want to miss the opportunity. I arrived at their building about 30 minutes early and decided to wait across the street at a sandwich shop. About 2 minutes after sitting down, another customer fumbled and spilled lemonade all over my shirt and crotch. 20 minutes till my review. I panicked, went outside, took off my sweater and frantically padded away at myself. 15 minutes. I decided to push past it, walked across the street and into the lobby and announced "I have a review at Business Week". I was in the wrong building ... by a lot! The real building was across town. I ran out, jumped into a cab with my girlfriend and raced towards the real location. 10 minutes. Then, we hit traffic and the cab stopped moving. I decided to get out and run. About 5 minutes into running i looked to the street and saw my girlfriend wiz by in the cab i had abandoned. DAMN! it pulled over, and i jumped back in. 2 minutes later, we pulled up to the Bloomberg building and i ran in. Big thanks to Maayan, Shawn and Lee for being kind about me showing up a few minutes late, and giving me so much of their time.

Anyway, Business Week is a real dream client for me and it was an excellent and exciting process to be able to contribute to their beautiful and brilliant magazine. The piece was about "across the board" financial cuts - bankers are being laid off and there is no job for them to turn to, because ALL of the banks are cutting. Replacing the bits on a chainsaw with little banks seemed like a no-brainer - Thanks to Shawn for helping me get the image to interact with the page a little bit.
Thanks for reading.


mortor kombat

Heres a new piece for Government Executive about the US Government taking over health care benefits, such as prescriptions. The result of this action is bulk amounts of certain medicines, but a much more narrow variety. I explored ideas in this direction, and also the more broad approach of combining Government + Health Care. This chosen idea was a no brainer as a mortar and pestle fit together with the Capital building so perfectly, what was a challenge was the execution. I have played around with really stenciled looking pieces a bit in the past: this Village Voice cover from a few years ago - and i thought it might look awesome to combine that ultra graphic approach with some realism. The result is pretty neat, i think and made for a piece im really happy with. heres a pic of me finished painting, not able to see properly for the rest of the day.and some roughs: