this was for Yale School of Drama, for the play Man=Man. In one part of the play two soldiers dress up like an elephant (with a blanket, gasmark, helmet, guns and rope) to escape from being held captive. The director wanted a dark circus feel - so the sketch was made showing the "elephant" balancing on a ball (bomb). Thanks to illustrator Scott Mckowen for the hook-ups and help.
If you dont know Scotts work - check it out - he's AMAZING


Hey, I had an art show yesterday and tonight...

and sold 14 pieces!!!!
sweet mary!
I'll post some pics on the asap!



This piece was for an article about how nutrition effects mood and mental health.
I had alot of freedom so that was alot of fun.
More work to come soon - things are busy


lets work together

sorry i've taken so long to update - i always mean to - i've just been super busy - there for my blog takes a backseat - but stay tuned - im going to post lots more new stuff soon - anyway - here is the image of my fall mailer with the tagline - "lets work together" - i like the idea alot.