lets work together

sorry i've taken so long to update - i always mean to - i've just been super busy - there for my blog takes a backseat - but stay tuned - im going to post lots more new stuff soon - anyway - here is the image of my fall mailer with the tagline - "lets work together" - i like the idea alot.


Ken McCuen said...

Hey Pete,
Great line-work on this one. Very confident and gutsy. I like the places you decided to remove and break the line entirely.

vicki said...

oooooh pete.
this is marvelous. good colour, and holy energy-town.
this one gets the vicki nerino stamp of approval. you know how much THAT is worth... nothing.
but really, awe SOME.

josiah gordon said...

Looks great Pete! I like the idea a lot.

While my stamp isn't as renowned as Vicki's I would still like to give my stamp as well.


Sew Fun said...

Hey Pete I love your mailer!! Super great idea. I miss ya tons!!! especially every time I go to make dinner. It was soOOOooOooo great having you at are place last year. Hope all is going well with you, it looks like it from your blog.

All the best,

CLR said...

Im lovin this one.
It makes me angry though, the very thought of being on a bike like this. With an angry man in business attire.