this was for Yale School of Drama, for the play Man=Man. In one part of the play two soldiers dress up like an elephant (with a blanket, gasmark, helmet, guns and rope) to escape from being held captive. The director wanted a dark circus feel - so the sketch was made showing the "elephant" balancing on a ball (bomb). Thanks to illustrator Scott Mckowen for the hook-ups and help.
If you dont know Scotts work - check it out - he's AMAZING


Daniel Downey said...

This is gorgeous Pete, I absolutely love it. Well done. Where was your art show?

vicki said...

i love everything about this.

especially the old circus poster colours. faboo, my friend.

JuanCarlos said...

this is a really great piece!
theres alot more setting and environment in this than you usually do I love it!

pete ryan said...

Thanks guys - i sort of hate this piece right now - but might grow to like it - anyway thanks for the kind words - more work to be posted really soon

Peter Hong Chan said...

amazing. love the vintage look to it!

Hyein Lee said...

Wow... great!
Awesome textures and gorgeous colours :D