cheryl coal

 New one for Canadian Wildlife about the world running on carbon and coal - scary, but true. Tried to channel a little bit of inspiration from old "Fortune" covers.


I'll be Sam, Sam I am.

 Fun new piece for Harvard Magazine about America being politically unequal. Basically voting influence is leaving the Left. the Right has an disproportionately large amount of influence on the nation. More alarming is the kind of money the right has - its truly the rich that influence the country's actions. The poor are left restrained - the Right have a louder voice in Uncle Sam's ear.


Hot diggity dog

About a year ago I was asked if i would be into illustrating a cover for the Chicago Reader about people who ate squirrels. Obviously I said yes. roughs were approved, a final was painted, then the whole thing was shelved for legal reasons.
 Darkness crept into middle earth, and some things that should not be forgotten, were lost. Then just last week i got an email from Paul, the AD telling me they finally had a green light - the cover was going to print! However, they needed a change - could i take out the acorn the squirrel is holding, and replace it with a big, fat, Chicago style hotdog. Why a hotdog you ask? does it really matter?? ...why the hell not, I say! Carpe Diem, amiright?! So, it set to painting a hotdog and photoshopping it in. a little color tweek, and this bad boy was ready for the presses. Unquestionably, the silliest image i've ever made.

 - See below for some of the original roughs: