my my my poker face my my poker face...

sorry for the title.
ok, heres a piece really recently finish for MacWorld about the feature "time machine" and its "safety net" computer saving abilities (among other things). I was so happy to work with these guys! Rob and Carli were both the greatest AD's and more or less offered alot of freedom and great ideas.
LOTS more to be posted this week - so y'all come on back now - ya' here.


im hungry for your contact...

Heres a look at my "spring" (I know I know ...Im late) 2009 mailer. I'll post the whole shibang when its an actual card you can hold etc. Also loads of jobs to post soon - just waiting for it to be ok to post them - but check back soon. Oh, and sorry for the lack of updates lately - I took a few weeks off while home and was focusing on nonslick. i love painting stuff this graphic.
Thats it.


when i move you move, just like that

very fast turn around illo for an article about "declining nuns". had a few neat ideas for this, and really liked the idea they chose. the digital file looks a little desaturated, but what else is new