im hungry for your contact...

Heres a look at my "spring" (I know I know ...Im late) 2009 mailer. I'll post the whole shibang when its an actual card you can hold etc. Also loads of jobs to post soon - just waiting for it to be ok to post them - but check back soon. Oh, and sorry for the lack of updates lately - I took a few weeks off while home and was focusing on nonslick. i love painting stuff this graphic.
Thats it.


Juan Carlos Solon said...

I was wondering what that pacman thing was on your picture!!!

I see what you did there!!! sick!

Yuta Onoda said...

Great work!!
This guy is next level!!
so good.

Ale Diaz said...

Ahhhh Soo retro, I love it man!!

HEy!! You have so many good comments, maybe one of this days I will be pretty harsh on you!!

Needed once in a while no?

_seriously keep it up!!

Leslie said...

chomp chomp chomp ..... wish you more success Pete!

mark said...

Hi Pete, thanks for your comment over at my blog, you're work consistently blows me away and the nonslick thing is great too. Good speaking to you.


mark said...

I meant 'your' work, not 'you're' work! tch tch tch schoolboy error.

pete ryan said...

Thanks so much Mark, Im a really big fan of your work!!!

Peter Hong Chan said...

i love this piece..so sick!!

vicki said...

oh pete, pete pete.

i love this one. you're smart sometimes.
but only sometimes, this being one of them.
i remember isometric drawing too.
wicked peter. just wicked.

Nimit Malavia said...

That looks sweet dude! Next evel moves!

How do I get my hands on one of these??

pete ryan said...

nimit, you become an AD.

Seriously dude, send me you address and I'd love to mail one to you.
Thanks for the kind words everyone - i have so much new work to post soon and am going to find time soon to make alot more personal stuff - it seems all the stuff i have been drawing on my own lately have been crazy graphic - so that will be fun to explore.
i love you all.