American Illustration

3 Pieces chosen. great news.
new posts coming soon both here and on nonslick.


This is neat

So, when i got home i had all this work that had arrived while i was gone. its so neat to see stuff in real life. cool huh?!?!

yo yo yo

new illo for Seattle Mag. Great art director. the article was about how news papers are being replaced by online news sites. same ol' story - lots of roughs. had fun. love illustration.
will post my new promo this week!!!



so, heres a new post - im still hunting down the cover to timeout new york - but this will have to fill the void. sorry ive been lax on posts lately - ive just be so busy. nonslick is going well - im hoping i can get people to comment more over there - i want it to have a total community feel. takes time i guess. anyway - this was for Go Magazine. we literally went through over 20 roughs - alot of them good ideas - they just wanted the right tone. in the end, they chose an idea alot like one i've done before. this sort of bummed me out, because i wasnt convinced it was the strongest idea i gave, and it was alot like another one of my pieces - but the art director was such a great guy and in the end i really believe this was the right piece for the article. the AD had the idea of keeping it black and white and accentuating one key element. in the end, im really happy with the execution. the article was about gaining profit from giving away free stuff. i LOVED the "tag - arrow" idea - so simple.


Time Out New York

is this ACTUALLY the best version of this cover that i have??? apparently...
heres a version without any of the type placed. basically ive never illustrated just like a group of people - so different from whats natural for me - but i mean a fun experience all in all

just did an overnight cover for time out new york. It was a fast rush project about "the best indie stores". i supplied some ideas but it was pretty heavily directed, and turned out something i wouldnt normally do - but thats cool! heres the roughs and i'll post the final asap. it was the fastest turn around ive done!!
really liked the podium idea...



I've started an illustration interviewing blog called Nonslick. My goal is to interview and there by learn from every illustrator i love and then share the interviews with peers and the illustration community. I wanted there to be a place that showcases talent, both old and new and finds out who the people behind the images are. This blog will be frequently updated, a few times a week at least, so please keep checking back. Chances are at some point if I've seen your work, i'll want to interview you.
But for now, please head on over and enjoy the words of Alex Nabaum.