Hit the road Jack (not you, Jack Dylan)

 New one for Inside Counsel about employees taking their social media with them when they "hit the road" and leave a company. I've been painting with ink a lot lately, its a nice challenge!



Coupla new pieces for Canadian Grocer Magazine (yes, thats a magazine) about the current state of the grocery industry, here in Canada. First, and i really thought this was a fun idea (if you have to use a fever line, it better be reasonable) about the industry profit stall. wanted to have a really smart grocery related way to show stalling, or proceeding on its own time - ketchup seemed like a great way to show that - and what luck, its red like a fever line!
 the next was just the empty state of the industry in general - things look ok on the outside, but theres no substance.
and some roughs


flying along on a wing and a prayer.

Recently asked to do a cover for American Bible Society - the direction was about Christians speaking with non Christians about their faith - something that can be difficult to approach.
I submitted some ideas:

 this guy ^^^ is supposed to look like hes covering his mouth to yell, but also praying - turns out he just looks like hes sneezing. shit.

Then as it happens, they decided to go in a different direction, so I was asked to illustrate a full page instead, this time about Christians going out into the community and making it a better place for those who live their. This didnt need to involve selling Jesus, but rather being positive and contributing.
So, I sent in these ideas:

 Here is the final we went with.
 Thanks Timothy!