i hate when we fight

this is the first bit of personal work i've done in a while and im so happy i did!! i always heard in school how important it is to do and it really really is - it gives a chance to try new things (even if things turn out the same as they always do)- so for that reason alone its totally worth it. this piece is for couples. it sucks when you fight with your significant other, and can at times feel like a real brawl - this interaction is what spawned this piece - and the thought of turning into an apology card you could give after every time you fight. - however - it is two men - so maybe its best marketed to fighting, homosexual couples. of bffs that "fell off". either way right.

on several side notes i'd like to thank everyone that checks my blog - it really means alot that you care enough to see what i'm up to - thanks!!
i also wanted to mention that fellow illustrators and friends Yuta and Nimit killed it all summer and are making some awesome work - its seriously blowing me away guys. and Mark - post that new promo! and Jos - im glad you're posting more! and vicki - take that iphone job!!! etc etc.
love in this club,


dangerous vaccinations

for an article about dangerous vaccinations
more to be posted soon!
thanks for looking at my blog!!!!!!