i hate when we fight

this is the first bit of personal work i've done in a while and im so happy i did!! i always heard in school how important it is to do and it really really is - it gives a chance to try new things (even if things turn out the same as they always do)- so for that reason alone its totally worth it. this piece is for couples. it sucks when you fight with your significant other, and can at times feel like a real brawl - this interaction is what spawned this piece - and the thought of turning into an apology card you could give after every time you fight. - however - it is two men - so maybe its best marketed to fighting, homosexual couples. of bffs that "fell off". either way right.

on several side notes i'd like to thank everyone that checks my blog - it really means alot that you care enough to see what i'm up to - thanks!!
i also wanted to mention that fellow illustrators and friends Yuta and Nimit killed it all summer and are making some awesome work - its seriously blowing me away guys. and Mark - post that new promo! and Jos - im glad you're posting more! and vicki - take that iphone job!!! etc etc.
love in this club,


Anonymous said...

you're on top man, stay on top and neva eva flop.


vicki said...

oh pete, you should use that pink regularly. it really brings out your HUUAAGHH...

but in all honesty, you're a gem, and keep up the good work, pal. everything you do makes me happy/sick. make mumdad proud, kay?

and no, i will not take that iphone job. it's not even for iphone! it's just some half-wit making an application for said device. a plague o both your houses.

love and miss your stupid face. keep it up, mr. success story!


Nimit Malavia said...

Petey boy! you'd better stop will all this sweet talk, i'm getting misty, haha.

Thanks for all the kind words dude!
It means alot!
Congrats to you too though, your work has just been so stellar! Really awesome stuff...

Keep on it up brosef!

Tracy said...

I love it...awesome work, Pete!

T xo

pete ryan said...

thanks doggs