i love working with alberta venture. IMO they just "get it", you know. This is something I just finished for them about, principally, finding obvious business ventures - among other things. the rough ides i sent for this were all over the map, and this idea was kinda tacked on, not expecting it to be chosen, but i ended up liking it alot. its running along the bottom of the page - hence the white sky. its fun drawing a "scene" as apposed to something just floating in a space, which i tend to gravitate toward - backgrounds etc. always really help tell a story. Ive had fun lately pushing texture and technique, seeing where i can go with both. Also, really coming to terms with some of the style demons I've been wrestling with - i was really concerned with my work looking different from piece to piece - whether too graphic one time, or unusual colours another - and on and on. my new outlook is to not give a shit and just draw. im confident that the way its drawn out will always suit the publication and subject matter and this variation adds breadth. in other words you go girl...but me. anyway, crack sentence over - thanks Lindsay, I always love doing work for you because you always make it fun.



Recently I completed 4 small spot illos for Houston Press' "Best Of" issue.
This was a fun project because they all had to do with specific small business in the area.
These two were "Best Mohawk Technician" and "Best Vintage Clothing". Others I did included best pet boutique, and best bakery. It was fun to do mini narrative illustrations and a neat challenge to work in black and white...which i rarely ever do. I feel really fortunate to always get the best AD's to work with. Thanks Monica!!!
More this week.


what is the devils favourite item in his home?

his luciferniture.

i made that joke up, and am pretty proud of it.

anyway, this is the first in a series of 4 illustrations i will be doing about the current financial climate. this one was about dissecting your spending, to see exactly where your money is going. i like when the solution to an idea is so obvious you almost dont even need to explain it.
more up soon.

and now, to close with a joke:
what is tom cruises favourite article of clothing?
his scientolajeans



”This illo was for the Hartford Courant (get the title). I've been a big fan of this publication since I spent some time with Devon Bowman in 3rd year. The work he did for them was awesome. The article was about doing your kids school supply shopping online. this was really fast turn around (by my standards) - assigned 2 days before due date, not normally a big problem but i had another job due the same day. long story short im feeling tired.
I really like the way this piece turned out - mostly the way its drawn - i felt excited about it as soon as i was finished it, which is rare... i want my style to take this direction more.”

Thanks Chris, it was a pleasure to be able to work with you.