Recently I completed 4 small spot illos for Houston Press' "Best Of" issue.
This was a fun project because they all had to do with specific small business in the area.
These two were "Best Mohawk Technician" and "Best Vintage Clothing". Others I did included best pet boutique, and best bakery. It was fun to do mini narrative illustrations and a neat challenge to work in black and white...which i rarely ever do. I feel really fortunate to always get the best AD's to work with. Thanks Monica!!!
More this week.


Juan Carlos Solon said...

I really like the use of more texture, balances out really well with the solid shapes!!'

Fauxhawk my hair!!

Ian Herring said...

Hey Pete, nice work. Did you work in colour and remove it in Photoshop or was this a straight B&W paint job?

pete ryan said...

Ian, its completely silkscreened.
for reals - its the way i do fast jobs

Ian Herring said...

Well done sir.

Daniel Hertzberg said...

Dem silkscreened shytz is John Blaze! Na mean!?

Daniel Fishel said...

Pretty cool illo!

pete ryan said...

Thanks Daniels - second Daniel, really like your work!
1st Daniel, you already knew that