i love working with alberta venture. IMO they just "get it", you know. This is something I just finished for them about, principally, finding obvious business ventures - among other things. the rough ides i sent for this were all over the map, and this idea was kinda tacked on, not expecting it to be chosen, but i ended up liking it alot. its running along the bottom of the page - hence the white sky. its fun drawing a "scene" as apposed to something just floating in a space, which i tend to gravitate toward - backgrounds etc. always really help tell a story. Ive had fun lately pushing texture and technique, seeing where i can go with both. Also, really coming to terms with some of the style demons I've been wrestling with - i was really concerned with my work looking different from piece to piece - whether too graphic one time, or unusual colours another - and on and on. my new outlook is to not give a shit and just draw. im confident that the way its drawn out will always suit the publication and subject matter and this variation adds breadth. in other words you go girl...but me. anyway, crack sentence over - thanks Lindsay, I always love doing work for you because you always make it fun.


Carlie Russelle said...

The one thing worse than finding a needle in a haystack is trying to find a specific needle in a needle stack...ouch.

Yuta Onoda said...

Great piece! I see some new moves!

pete ryan said...

thanks guys, yeah - the idea is kinda obvious, and i had a few that i felt were way more clever, but this really did suit the story. lots of new moves, always trying for new moves