i could tell that you wanted to...

how amazing are friendly fires?!?!
anyway, this is for Westchester Mag. from what I can tell they are a lifestyle mag from upstate NY, nice design, really nice creative director named Aiko.
anyway, this article was about "internet friends" - people who social network, and making internet friends. kind of a fun article, but im really jonesin' for a juicy business article now.
Aiko wanted me to only use 4 colours, so that was a cool limitation to play with. i couldn't decide between the two finals i did. basically i finished painting it once, scanned it in etc, then wasnt sure if i liked exactly how it looked. so i cut a stencil for a ghost screen, put that on top, rescanned and set both in. in hindsight i maybe like the greyish green shadow version best.


jill said...

i prefer the second one. you're the man pete!

bryce huffman said...

Good job man. Also, are you going to the FF show in Toronto this winter?

Juan Carlos Solon said...


the faces are hilarious, especially the cat.

Anonymous said...

first one.

honestly, this piece weirds me out so hard!
sooooo good!

and soooo different!

i'm loving this experimental shit, pete.
keep it up.

pete ryan said...

Bryce, whats the FF show?
thanks for the comments guys - a girl on the bottom left of the keyboard looks like Britney Wilson, ha!

Daniel Hertzberg said...

The green version is better, and softer. Great piece regardless!

Yuta Onoda said...

What a stunning piece this is!!!
awesome job Pete!

pete ryan said...

thanks alot for he great feedback guys!!

Britt said...

I looked at all the ugly ones, and I can't find me, Pete!

pete ryan said...

:( Britt
...the girl with glasses!

Nimit Malavia said...

I love the token black guy in the top right!

onĂ­rica said...

nice ilustrations in your blog!
keep goooooing!

Anonymous said...

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