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van damage

Hello friends,
Sorry to be so MIA the last little bit,  - I just returned from a few weeks spent in NY and at the ICON illustration conference.  A little about that: EVERYONE I met was so lovely - and many standouts within that group. I seriously had the best time. Thanks to Dan and Chris for rooming with me. Im feeling really inspired, and excited to try a bunch of new work directions. Anyway I need to get back to posting work, cause theres a crazy surplus built up -
Heres the start - recently i did the cover for Harvard's alumni magazine. It was a great challenge, as the image had to represent 3 separate articles clearly. Fortunately, the each bit of writing seemed to have one thing in common: Americas damaged democracy. I tinkered around a LOT, and tried to come up with an image that showed democracy in trouble, and Americas attempts to band aid it with various bureaucracy. In a fortunate visual overlap, i realized the stripes on the flag could double as red tape - and thats how we got to this idea! - Fun one, i think. I will also quickly say I needed to leave a large area on the left for a scan code to be placed, which made this composition a bit tricky. 

 and some of the 24 different ideas i sent in. i know, 24 is silly - but with great subject matter who wants to stop, right?!