Tired? Yes.
But had an amazing time! Big up's to Mark Smith - got to meet up with him for a night out of drinks and chatting about old punk rock and skateboarding- great bloke!!! Now for a little work - this piece in in the new issue of The Progressive and was about corporate criminals. I had a lot of ideas for this piece - but the briefcase doubling as a mugshot slate seemed too good to be true. painting this was also so fun - i had a few days to get it done so i took my time and really played around. some airbrushing, some stencils, some straight up brush work. Thanks for reading - lots to come!!


Hot fun in the summer

This is for my summer promo postcard.
The idea was initially for another project, but wasnt chosen and i always liked it -
Im gonna go with the tag line of working together, or finding solutions / opportunities etc.
I've been painting it in my spare time for the last week or so, so overall i had more time that usual to develop it - pretty happy with it.
Also, Im going back to England on Friday for a few weeks - for Glastonbury festival (willie nelson, snoop dogg, others) so thats going to be awesome. Im also going to try to stalk Mark Smith while im there!



Heres a piece appearing in todays LATimes, again for the envelope section. This time, it was Wes' idea I was illustrating. He had this image in mind and it was my job to bring it to life. Its sometimes fun painting someone elses idea - in a way it takes a bit of pressure off - and it gives you a chance to make the image as close to what they had in mind as possible - in this case, branding irons in a fire that spell R E A L. I've been working a lot on this airbrush technique and this piece offered a great venue to push it a bit further. it really works smoothly with the texture that comes from silkscreening. heres the image and a little detail of the texture.
Thanks Wes!!
oh and everyone check this out: http://hawkandsquirrel.wordpress.com/ its a fun illustration podcast some friends have put together



Heres a piece appearing in todays LATimes.
The article is about how tv is changing, and the audience has more say than ever.
Programs are listening to feedback and episodes are being tailored to popular opinion.
some roughs: