Heres a piece appearing in todays LATimes, again for the envelope section. This time, it was Wes' idea I was illustrating. He had this image in mind and it was my job to bring it to life. Its sometimes fun painting someone elses idea - in a way it takes a bit of pressure off - and it gives you a chance to make the image as close to what they had in mind as possible - in this case, branding irons in a fire that spell R E A L. I've been working a lot on this airbrush technique and this piece offered a great venue to push it a bit further. it really works smoothly with the texture that comes from silkscreening. heres the image and a little detail of the texture.
Thanks Wes!!
oh and everyone check this out: http://hawkandsquirrel.wordpress.com/ its a fun illustration podcast some friends have put together


JuanCarlos said...

Yo thats real talk son nah mean? (did I sound cool?)

I really like the texture the image really feels like its popping out on the screen!

thanks for the shout Curtis Broseph

Nimit Malavia said...

Thanks for the shout out Pete!

I must agree with my fellow officianado Juanseph Carlos Solonothan, this is indeed some of the realest talk i have seen. (im trying to sound proper, did it work?)

I absolutely love the way the logs were handled!!

pete ryan said...

thanks guys,
its sometimes really hard to illustrate someone elses idea - at least i find. i was happy i was able to push technique at least a bit.