Hot fun in the summer

This is for my summer promo postcard.
The idea was initially for another project, but wasnt chosen and i always liked it -
Im gonna go with the tag line of working together, or finding solutions / opportunities etc.
I've been painting it in my spare time for the last week or so, so overall i had more time that usual to develop it - pretty happy with it.
Also, Im going back to England on Friday for a few weeks - for Glastonbury festival (willie nelson, snoop dogg, others) so thats going to be awesome. Im also going to try to stalk Mark Smith while im there!


jillian said...

this is a great idea.
you're awesome pete!!!!!!!!!1

Michael Byers said...

Fun promo piece. So many great pieces you've been posting. Wicked ass work. Keep it up man.

Yuta Onoda said...

Great promo Pete!
Hope you will have a great time in England!

pete ryan said...

thanks you guys!!!

mark smith said...

Ha ha, you in London tomorrow Pete? Will make my way up sometime in the afternoon.

JuanCarlos said...

Soooo that means I'm gonna get a promo right??? TRADESIES?

Daniel Hertzberg said...

Very nice piece, sir. You're the man now, dawgggg

Britt said...

I didn't know you were looking for work in the Erotica Industry.

(nice vagina)