hey i was featured on artistaday.com, a very very cool website - although the feedback was minimal it was good and it made me really happy!


hey hermano(s)

Im working on a really cool illustration right now about "investigating the new blackberry and i thought id post the sketch work...you know...just to keep things fresh. also will be sending out my first mailers this week which i am excited about - the whole sorting through magazines thing etc is such a nightmare. THERE ARE SO MANY PUBLICATIONS. thank god im style locked into a select few! (truth disguised as joke) anyway - i'll post the final as soon as i can - im painting it tomorrow. WOOT!



i recently did this illustration as a book review / commentary on the novel ishmael. first off, i REALLY liked the novel - even the very obvious ending. i thought alot about how i wanted to portray ishmael.
huge - but vulnerable. hulking. most importantly trapped - but not in a
conventional way - you see, obviously he understood how to be free and
how to save - yet he was still a captive. i tried to play with this
idea, extending the bars that confine him only to theparameters of his frame. so technically he's free - but obviously he's trapped.

somehow this never got posted

better late than never



i was featured on drawn.ca!!! its such an awesome site and i was so happy to see it!!!
oh - and lots of new illustrations to be posted here soon. im just not able to post some of them yet...but soon!!


more mapmusic stuff

more logo stuff for map music, pretty simple but fun to do.