i recently did this illustration as a book review / commentary on the novel ishmael. first off, i REALLY liked the novel - even the very obvious ending. i thought alot about how i wanted to portray ishmael.
huge - but vulnerable. hulking. most importantly trapped - but not in a
conventional way - you see, obviously he understood how to be free and
how to save - yet he was still a captive. i tried to play with this
idea, extending the bars that confine him only to theparameters of his frame. so technically he's free - but obviously he's trapped.


vicki said...

bee. ea. ay. ewe-tiful.
and smart.
but what else is new.

looks awesome pete. keep up the magic.

or else.
don't test me.

Mark Cabuena said...

looks great man.
hot shit!

Yuta said...

looks really good!!
great work!

JuanCarlos said...

Ooooh I didnt even see the bars till you said it!!

Crazy! I lurvee it!

pete ryan said...

thanks for checking this out guys! it's funny because when im making work outside of school - i REALLY think im trying alot of new stuff you know - and then when it's put up against the rest of my work its impossible to tell.
anyway, thanks!

Peter Chan said...

nice, love the linework!!