When i catch MC's, its time for wing clippin'

Full pager for Ryerson Review of Journalism about limiting Journalists freedom when posting on twitter. I guess some journalists have got into pretty some pretty hot water for tweeting personal opinions / twitter wars, where they were not appropriate. Many publications have social media codes of conduct which can be pretty strict. I really liked the idea of showing the twitter birds wings being clipped - a great metaphor for showing restriction. some roughs below:


Nuclear your mind

Ok, I might have oversold this piece late last week, but im convinced its maybe one of the best ideas i've been able to illustrate. This illustration was for Seattle Weekly's cover story about the skyrocketing cost of running and trying to clean up the Hanford nuclear site (wasteland) in Washington. Theres a lot of money being burnt through, and little clean up happening. Now whistle blowers are starting to come forward and point fingers. The idea that was chosen shows an upside down piggy bank whose legs and belly double as cooling towers and wasteland site. I know, piggy banks arent super cool, or fresh approaches - but the visual overlap here was too good to resist!I also made an opener for the story - good thing i like money images so much! - it turned out pretty cool too!and, of course, lots of ideas that didnt make the cut:Huge thanks to Mark Kaufman for sending me these pics! what a nice guy!!


That'll learn ya

Was fortunate enough to work with one of my favourite AD's, Colleen Nicholson over at Canadian Family for their most recent issue. The article was about how education is becoming more personalized and geared more directly to each student. Heres what i came up with:While it was a really fun image to make, i made the mistake of trying to screen acrylic over printing ink - the issue was that the ink didnt dry all that fast, but the paint did. It cause very random paint to be pulled off the image every time I passed a new screen, and there were a lot of colours. What initially seemed frustrating turned out to look really cool, although, i would have a hard time replicating it! - I also did a spot that focused on individual assessment in the classroom.


Neanderthal that and a bag of chips

Recently finished two cool pieces for AD extraordinaire, Steve Balaban - the article was about Neanderthal's - but in a greater way about what it means to be human. It seems that modern man may have mated with Neanderthal back in the day - and we share a good amount of DNA. heres that final: The other aspect of the article was about cave art - and how the desire to create image is both a sign of our intelligence, and our humanity.here are a bunch of roughs that didnt make the cut - i liked the one below with the paintbrush spear - what an amazing visual overlap!!!