That'll learn ya

Was fortunate enough to work with one of my favourite AD's, Colleen Nicholson over at Canadian Family for their most recent issue. The article was about how education is becoming more personalized and geared more directly to each student. Heres what i came up with:While it was a really fun image to make, i made the mistake of trying to screen acrylic over printing ink - the issue was that the ink didnt dry all that fast, but the paint did. It cause very random paint to be pulled off the image every time I passed a new screen, and there were a lot of colours. What initially seemed frustrating turned out to look really cool, although, i would have a hard time replicating it! - I also did a spot that focused on individual assessment in the classroom.


Yuta Onoda said...

So good as always!!

Mariah Burton said...

The colours are wicked. Is this the illo that might have been the "best ever?"

pete ryan said...

thanks guys - Mariah, this isnt the one i hinted at - but a nice one none the less