So, I think I can say without hesitation that the year 2009 was the best year of my life. I feel like its extra awesome because it followed a few hard years - so all in all i feel very fortunate and very blessed. Some highlights include: Living in England and the addition of Ema, Hugh and G$ to my friend posse. Spain, Paris, Amsterdam, Wales, Berlin etc. Jills business taking off and her ability to constantly make better work / work harder - Im very proud of her. Johl being a dad and all the success BIB has had. Dad feeling better after a long sickness, those were hard times and they're behind us now - Same goes with Leslie - To continued health and eternal life you two! How Lucky I am to have worked with so many wonderful AD's and amazing, awesome publications - Thank you for taking the risk and please continue to do so ;) . Im so happy so many great illustrators have taken time to let me interview them on Nonslick. I honestly have a million more to interview. Im sorry that its updated so sporadically - I'll try to do it a bit more regularly this coming year. I've gotten to know (even if only over the Internet) many talented and wonderful illustrators this year that seem to provide endless inspiration and insight - you know who you are, thank you. And while we're on the subject thank you to the following illustrators who are so inspiring and amazing - YOU people are the reason I love this business - your work is amazing - Thank you thank you thank you: Brian Cronin, Dan Page, Riccardo, Gary Taxali, Alex Nabaum, Jon Krause, Dan Bejar, Mike Byers, Devon Bowman, Edward McGowan, Brian Stauffer, Chris Buzelli (you've totally re-opened my eyes to how amazing painting is), Kyle Webster, Daniel Hertzberg, Mark Smith, Yuta Onoda, Sam Weber, Nimit Malavia, Mark and Jos, Juan Solon, Dave, my good friend Mr. Jack Dylan, Alexei Vella, Gerard Dubois, Christopher Silas Neal, Jennifer Daniel, Christoph Niemann, Kathryn Adams, Julia Breckenreid, John Hendrix, Brad Yeo, Marco Cibola, Tessar Lo, Ryan Snook, Paul Blow, Tavis Coburn, and anyone that I may have forgot. You are all amazing. Thank you for making this dream and exciting one. Please keep it up! Finally Thank you Vicki, Gail and Kate - You three are amazing and Im very very fortunate to get to work with such pros.
Thank you for reading my blog, thank you for posting comments, thank you for making this seem real!! Im the luckiest person alive. To anyone I've wronged in 09', please accept my apologies, Im sure Karma has already made it up for you. I love you all.
To close heres a super quick piece for the Globe. More work up in 10'. May y'all be blessed this year and have lots of awesome shit fall on your laps.
RIP Michael, the King of Pop.


EASY E-book (like the rapper, but also the book)

This piece was for the cover of an ebook about the changes happening in marketing right now - Specifically, if leaders in the industry want to stay leaders they'll adopt some changes. Communication, growth, evolution were all themes i played with. the talented AD was my friend Emily. She's such a pro. clear with her expectations, and great with feedback. i liked the final idea a lot - that the new target market is built on a foundation of communication. i also loved the juggling rough - im sure we'll be seeing that idea again soon. its almost the weekend. thank God.

shorty got low low lower lowest.

New piece for research world about the decline in revenue within the advertising industry. - to be a bit more specific its really a decline in the traditional markets. - I thought it would be funny to use a sandwich board - the most antiquated form of advertising i could imagine. theres also a focus on a change over to digital (see other roughs) - but i liked the idea Steve chose a lot - i feel it was more all encompassing. was really happy with the idea and execution. thanks Steve!!!
liked the "unraveling" idea
coulda been a pretty fun final too - considering the article



These little babies were for an article featuring the website Rotten Tomatoes. Not familiar with the site? You should be! It correlates movie reviews and posts the findings on a "Tomato Meter" from fresh to rotten. The focus of the article was the sites Oscar predictability. Very interesting. Working with Wes is the best. Wes is the best. Heres a feature illo showing the "fortune teller" aspects of the site (the sites tomato logo as a crystal ball), and a little spot - showing the sites influence on the awards (tomato slice replacing film reel - foundation). Did i mention I love working with Wes? Both finals painted in just a day and a half - So, Im getting faster. Oh, and while I have you - be sure to check out Jills new website: www.loveheadmistress.com it was designed by Phillip Nessen (I know, how awesome is that) and its UNREAL!
EDIT - This image just wont die. Shortly after this piece ran Wes asked me if i could make a few changes to run in the "Brand X" section as well. Thanks Wes! Now DIE IMAGE DIE!!!


Thats more like it...


For an article about Americas "ripple effect" on the Canadian economy.
97% painted, which im pumped about.