while I'm on a DNA kick - heres a piece about the DNA of obesity


This weeks SF Weekly cover about shady DNA crime lab inner workings. Andrew (who's awesome) wanted to show deception / behind the back / shady dealings. Some of the ideas i pitched revolved around a damning memo that had been "lost" - and then others on the more general sense of deception. Some ideas below:


I just wanna fly. higher higher higher higher whatcha want...

Couple of new pieces for Canadian Wildlife mag
First, about having your gardens be a stopover for migrating birds -
The Second, answering the question "how fast do geese fly in the V formation" - the answer: between 75 - 95 km/h - thats pretty fast!Big thanks to Steve for these spots, as always.
In other news, I launched a new website this week with the help of the amazing illustrator / designer / problem solver Phillip Nessen. come stop by: www.peterthomasryan.com


Stay Gold, Ponyboy

small op-ed style piece i did for Ron at Adweek for a cool article about agencies leaving their small boutique firms for the the comfort of big firms. Tried a lot of ideas for this one - and had a few i liked a lot - but couldnt get past the impossible visual of a fish swimming between a bowl and an aquarium. Fun to put a new spin on used up imagery, i think!
Was also hoping for this "Hermit crab" idea (you know, how they leave their little shells for bigger ones) - in fact, i had several underwater ideas. Odd.
Thanks very much for reading!


Bear with me...

that may be the second time i've used that title for a blog post involving bears.
Anyway, here is my late summer / fall postcard - if anyone would like one, please let me know, I'd love to mail you one!!
An important thing to note: I had a brief 5 or 6 year period growing up where all i did was draw bears doing things. Like, from everyday tasks to big adventures - I LOVED bears, and loved the thought of them doing things bears couldnt really do. When deciding what image to make as a promo i was going with the theme "innovation" - a pretty common one for promo's, i think. I wanted something that was much more playful than my usual images. something involving bears.
who knows, maybe more bear related commissions will come of this! Or fish related ones. Or lawn watering related ones. Dammit.