Cool spread and spot I recently did with my old friend Steve at Canadian Wildlife. The article was about how Canada is not living up to their responsibility to protect our oceans from things like over-fishing, pollution etc. I thought a lot about the best way to show this, and tried a lot of ideas - until the perfectly simple idea of a lifeguard, in his tower turned AWAY from the ocean, rather than monitoring it came to me. I was so excited about that idea I almost pitched only it - but then i pitched a bunch of others too. Nice of Steve to trust me with some hand lettering as well.
Heres the spot:and some of the sketches i sent:


Gnome Chomsky

Its Promo time! Wanted to do a fun, spring-time image! I tried to think of the birds and bee's and courtship and all of that. Keep your eyes peeled for a postcard, AD's.


Walk this way

I had the good fortune to be able to paint this weeks Broward New Times cover, about adopted Koreans, traveling back to their home land, in search of their origins (i guess LOTS of people are doing this). I liked the idea of showing a woman on a path, and that could easily double as a storks neck. The AD Alex suggested adding the Korean flag to the baby bundle, and that sounded pretty good to me! Above is the colour scheme for that cover, which i found was picked up by the Miama New Times - shown below with a little bit of a different vibe.
All kinds of ideas dealing with traveling, direction, family trees, and infancy. Thanks Alex and Miche!


the hunger games

That title might be a bit of a stretch. i dunno ... food ... hunger ... blah blah blah.
Recent piece for the Seattle Met, about restaurants that premier on twitter, and other social media long before they appear in real life. In some cases they never even make it to the real thing. Lots of fun working with Chris Skiles on this one!