Good-bye cruel world...

At least for 5 days.
Tomorrow I will be arriving at famous "Glastonbury Festival" for 5 days of fun, sun, bands and ...kids? Thats right, turns out my flatmate Ema (sup ema) 's father runs a section of the festival known as the kidz field. this is where parents ditch their kids to go have fun, but also where the kids themselves have fun. In exchange for my days spent painting faces, hanging out and having fun with these little bastards I get to attend this great even for free!!! woooooo!!! saving a cool 160£ . Such a great deal!!! anyway Im very excited to be officially on vacation (auto reply set). I shall return in July with lots of new projects and a few new bits of personal work.
Thanks for reading, have a great rest of the month June.



for an article about a new casino in Indianapolis. sort of how the casino sucks you in and blinds you from the outside world.


research world + food poisoning

Hey guys - just finished this project for research world - very tough article - one of the hardest ive worked on. Basically the article was about hows theres a growing, emerging middle class, and this middle class tends to have a set of universal shared values - like global freedom and a shared sense of direction. aside from the challenge, I had alot of fun - and really enjoyed working with the AD - Thanks Steve!!
Side bar - i somehow got food poisoning last night and woke up SO SICK. sucks. Hoping it will pass by tomorrow, when roughs are due...FML

this spot one was about the global freedom part...wwoooooo



Seattle Weekly

Sup y'all
Heres a really neat project I was happy to be a part of.
The article was about this guy who's had 112 convictions. amazing right?!?! he's pretty young too!
So, I was fortunate enough to do the cover and a full page inside -
Heres the cover image - I was playing with this guys infinite criminal career...
The inside page was my fav - basically one of my ideas was playing with the inmate, a guy called "Smooth" being behind bars - but the bars are "checks" from when inmates check off days - or in this case prison trips. I loved this idea. Then, the AD had the brilliant idea of tiling the groups of 5 to add up to 110, and then as 2 checks in the type layout. - i'll post that layout asap. so the whole thing adds up to 112. fun huh?! I did 5 different versions of the checks so when they're tiled randomly it'll have some variety. - heres two different ones.Thats it!
I was really happy about this project and the AD Jane - she was great!
Thanks Jane!!!
Ok, more next week - enjoy the weekend


hot off the presses

Heres a cover recently finished for Broward New Times in Florida. The article was really challenging - to give you an overview - Basically the story is on this guy who's company would buy out insurance policies from AIDS patients and then sell them to investors while falsifying the time the client had to live with their own doctors. - a classic Ponzi pyramid scheme. Roughs to final was a bit of a tight deadline so pressure was on. I sent in some of - what i consider - really strong ideas. The solution they picked wasnt my initial favourite, i felt it was a bit too graphic and simple (which ironicly seems to be what im into lately) - but when considering laying out the type and header etc. it really made the most sense. in the end i think it was for sure the right way to go. Because they print on newsprint we really pushed the colours to be nice and bright. I loved working with Miche the AD and hope to again soon. heres some of the 7 roughs i sent in (my favs) as well as the final. sorry the final i posted is a bit pixel-ly - also sorry for using so much blue lately...i'll lay off.
this was my fav idea!...initially