Banjo Kazooie

Small piece i did for this months Cincinnati Magazine about a radio program dedicated to bluegrass music. What other solution is there? They mentioned that they wanted the piece to be really grimy, i was happy to oblige. Heres the original bg color (above) - and one i changed in photoshop to a kinda neutral greeny - yellow (bellow). I offered over both, cause i thought each one was kinda cool - but would be curious which one you find more effective, at such a small print size. Really great working with Cincinnati Mag again - they're great!
June is almost here, can you believe it?!! Time flies...


know your role...

This piece is appearing in todays WSJ - about people investigating, and ranking their neighbors home. I tried a bunch of different options for both aspect (have added a couple of roughs below) - but really liked the idea of judges scoring. Fun, piece and great to work with Mark again.


More than you expected

My summer postcard, with the tag line "More than you expected"
Please let me know if you'd like one :)
Thanks for stopping by.
I love you.

oh - i was also screwing around with how it could look as a book cover (because it would be fun to do some of those) - so i very poorly threw this together...


what the devil

Sorry for the lack of posts - this month has been nuts - i'll make sure to be more attentive for the rest of the month! This was a full pager for HR magazine - about ethics tests revealing the true nature of potential employees. Such a nice magazine to work with! A couple of roughs below:


book learnin'

Some ideas are head and shoulders above other you have. it's really exciting when these happen, because it isnt all the time. for some reason, i felt that way about these two -
both for the new issue of Education Forum, the first - about Standardized Testing and how TEACHERS are being punished for their students low test scores - the F matches the smack across the back of the hand

Next piece was about debating - im really hoping someone didnt have this idea first - i thought it was super fun.Big thanks to Fresh Art and Design, some of the best people to work for!