No money? No worries

A quick spot image for an article about relaxing when times get tough - stress and anxiety only make it more difficult - the best advice is to just take it in stride.
i was so happy with this solution.
more soon.


thug life...

heres two spots recently finished for "Cottage Life" mag. Steve Balaban, the AD didnt want super conceptual pieces, more - work that was in keeping with the mag. The first piece was about cottage drinking water, and being cleaner than the source (lake water) - the second was about how regular cleaning of baseboard heater can save you money. Kinda dry articles, but Steves feedback made it alot of fun. I really like how these were painted and was happy with the results. Thanks for reading
more when i get home to Canada...
oh, i attached a few roughs too - the pipes one woulda been bad ass


research world #2

two more images i just finished for research world. I love articles like the ones i get from them - really tough, really conceptual.
this article was about surveys and the industry behind them
my main image focused on the declining rate of surveys being done now in every respect - human participation, valuable information etc etc.
the second image that went with it focused on how as a result of this diminishing amount of feedback - survey researchers are having to take every drop of information they can -
i've also attached some of the roughs below...there were alot.
thanksssss for reading!


Look out industry...

...I now have more help harassing you for work!
or look here


i could tell that you wanted to...

how amazing are friendly fires?!?!
anyway, this is for Westchester Mag. from what I can tell they are a lifestyle mag from upstate NY, nice design, really nice creative director named Aiko.
anyway, this article was about "internet friends" - people who social network, and making internet friends. kind of a fun article, but im really jonesin' for a juicy business article now.
Aiko wanted me to only use 4 colours, so that was a cool limitation to play with. i couldn't decide between the two finals i did. basically i finished painting it once, scanned it in etc, then wasnt sure if i liked exactly how it looked. so i cut a stencil for a ghost screen, put that on top, rescanned and set both in. in hindsight i maybe like the greyish green shadow version best.