The end of winners and losers

New piece for The Progressive about leftist / activist soccer players who share their views (apposing tyranny and selfish top down politics) by playing a unique approach to the game where there are no winners. The game isnt about whos ahead, its about the way the game is played.  An icon on top of a soccer trophy being pulled down like overthrown dictator ( i referenced the infamous Saddam statue) was a perfect visual overlap.



New personal piece about the heavy workload i've been juggling since i started teaching in September. My priority is freelancing, so it sometimes feels like its all just really piling up. Had this idea in the vault from a previous project - felt like a great fit.


mother trucker

For Pro-Sales magazine about Canadian lumber shipping

Snow Job

For Cottage Life about buying the right snowmobile. this one went through stage after stage of getting messier and messier. nice, subtle concept. Some ideas that didnt make the cut:


see no evil

 Piece in todays LA Times "LA Affairs" section, about a woman whos fiance keeps cheating on her. He even cheats on the girls he's cheating with. To get married she's going to have to really ignore a lot of her instincts. Tried to come up with a cool way of showing the wedding aspect - but have the visual pun still revolve around her putting up "blinders".
Thanks to Wes for the great assignment - hes always the best to work with.